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  • Hello, Hopefully this is the area for this, as steam wont help because of an independent vendor. My issue is that my steam key is already in use for my account, but steam hasn't linked the game to my account. The game was gifted to me by my brother, I went through the account menu, clicked steam link, and logged into steam in the browser. I believe it told me that key was already in use, and the Eco account page said the key was now linked to my steam. I do not have access through steam however. Not in the library, and the Eco store page wants me to pay for it again. Others who were gifted by the same person do not have this issue.

  • This is the same issue most of the backers are having. And all the friends of backers who received our invites. This would not be a problem if the Developers where not money hungry, and gave us keys instead of this buggy linking bull shit. They say it is because u can give the key to someone other than the invitee. But if we paid for the extra invites then it shouldn't matter. HURRY UP AND FIX THIS CRAP.. Please

  • Would be great ;)

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