Effects of Logging/Mining

  • Has anyone noticed any effects from leveling up the Logging or Mining skills yet? I've taken logging to 12 or so and Mining to 5 or so, and haven't noticed any calorie reductions, or ever getting more than 5 logs per tree segment or 1 ore per block mined. (it's harder to tell whether the harvesting is being sped up because it's already fairly quick to begin with, but it doesn't seem like it). I'm not sure if this is an alpha bug, or if those skills just aren't implemented yet (despite not being marked as placeholder skills).

  • I've noticed that the calories spend on the skill that you rise are reduced... Or maybe that the others went up.
    For example, when I use the axe my calories go down by 3, and when I use the hoe (I rose the farming skill) it uses 1 calorie.

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