Discard or recycle items

  • I don't understand why I cannot just throw away unwanted items (Sure we can repair or trade in with other players but in case you made several same tools and there aren't people around to trade...)

    There is no reason why I am forced to store all the wood pulps without the option of throwing them on the ground---They are not plastic right?

  • I am new in the game, are you sure there is no way of dropping stuff? If so, that is really weird.

  • Been playing this game since nearly the beginning.. and its been this way since then! I'm sick of not being able to throw things away myself. However, you learn to deal with it lol... so get used to it because it hasn't changed in a very long time so I don't think it will any time soon...

  • The whole reason you can't just throw things away is because the game is an educational game. Designed to make you think about your impact on the world around you.

    However in saying that I would like a recycle feature put into this game and I'm sure at some point the devs will do something about that

  • <shameless plug> My mods do offer a small recycling change to the game. You can get rid of old workbench, campfire, beginner's backpacks, wood pulp. You can also reduce Tailings too

  • Thats pretty neat @emmeck. Hopefully they will add some kind of recycling to the base game as well.

  • +1 A sandbox/crafting game like this definitely needs an option to recycle items.

  • As in the real world, you can't just make things disappear. If you want to dispose of things without making further use of them, you have to dump them - like a land-fill dump in real life.

    Luckily, there are many things you can do with items like wood pulp. Have you considered making fertilizer or pitch?

  • Seriously people?
    There are no way to recycle things. So if you made two tools of the same kind one of it MUST stay in your inventory?

    Also why can't I just leave things on the ground and come back to collect it later? And yes, I made fertilizers, but the speed those wood pulps stack up is way ahead of the speed you make the fertilizers (and the need for it)

    And again, if this is about education, then you CAN leave things on the ground *apparently leaving natural organic stuff on the ground does not always pose a problem to the environment. Why is it bad for me to leave a few tools made from wood and stone on the ground? This is about the inventory management.

  • Why not make a store and put your junk stuff for sale ? even for almost free so new players can get them :D

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