• I was wondering if you guys are planning on adding VOIP? (Not sure if this was brought up) This game is a Role Players dream! I am part of a very large community that wants to add this game to our list but with no VOIP then we cant add it. I have been supporting this game for a long time and would love to see VOIP in.

  • VOIP would be great. The best games I've played have been with voice chat but it tends to make the game "clique-ish" when we have to use 3rd party software.

  • Yeah it really does. If they add voip they will sell way more on steam as people want to play with new people online with voice.

  • Good idea. Also, you mentioned a community, did you guys try role playing in Rising World? It is a game similiar to this one with a more realistic graphic design. I would like to role play in it but cannot find any RP servers. I think that game is also an RP dream :)

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