[Bug] Glitches near Latitude/Longitude wrap-around border

  • I've identified two glitches that seem to be tied to the Latitude/Longitude wrap-around border (that is, the point where the first or the final GPS coordinate wraps around from 0 to ~503). I think I stumbled across them because I chose 0,0 as a natural center for my home base.

    First, it seems to be impossible to build a building across this border; the build screen claims that even a properly-built building is "not enclosed" (claiming so under "enclosure", "height", and "volume enclosed"). Presumably, this is because the game is using those position coordinates to determine aspects of the building, and is getting confused by the wrap-around. I've tried this twice and was unable to build the building either time.

    Second, it's impossible to use a campfire located on the opposite side of the wrap-around border from where you're standing; the crafting menu starts to open and then immediately closes. Presumably this is because the game thinks you're standing far away, or something. I haven't tested it, but I suspect a similar issue would apply to opening doors or possibly even harvesting lumber, as well as to any other crafting table (impossible to test that last possibility until the first issue is fixed).


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