How to redeem game on steam

  • Hi.

    I want to have the game on steam, but it says it was already redeemed, but I dont have it in my library.

    I got the game with a group of friends, one bought the 4 copies, and we each received one. How do I get a steam key?

    Thank you

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  • Yep me too! That's quite annoying

  • I try to redeem too but I got an error after validate on steam website

    A Database Error Occurred

    Error Number: 1568

    Transaction characteristics can't be changed while a transaction is in progress


    Filename: modules/game/models/Steamkeys.php

    Line Number: 57

  • Jep same here...
    Why did they not test this before?!

  • Got the same issue, it seams that the first linking the account redeems the code and the others get the Bug.
    I contacted support, 2 minutes ago.
    will come back here when i get an answer.

  • I just tried to link my account to steam & got a slightly different database error (something about a deadlock). The error text showed the actual key that it was trying to activate, so I tried to manually activate that in Steam & it told me that the key was already activated on a different account... Looks like someone fucked up their SQL!

    I've just contacted support as well, then decided to come here to see if anyone else was having issues, so I guess I'm not alone.

  • Just got the same error about the deadlock. Saw it had the steam key shown as well in the error and when you try to redeem it, it tells me it was already redeemed by another account. Awaiting on support to reply.

  • Sent 2 emails to the support team. On discord, someone said something about asking an admin for resetting the link account to steam thing. Maybe it could fix things. On the other hand, would be better a fix that doesnt involve an admin.

  • A member of the dev team contacted me and told be there was a fix. I didnt see a difference, situation is the same.

  • zZzzzz
    Ho long does it need to be fixed?

  • Same issue

  • Well, at least pre-release owners can still play the game.

  • Yesterday couldn't link my account to steam, nor my 3 invited friends. Created ticket with support team and they verified I had sent 3 invites and had reset my account. Upon logging into my account again, a new option to link to steam was available. Unlike some of the post i have read, mine at least did link. I have since tried to do the same with my wife's account and tried to talk my 2 other friends through it but they are stuck where I was to begin with...No option to add to steam. Guessing they will now have to create tickets unless support finds a way to resolve without admin involvement.

  • @shadowrider0 Where can I create a ticket for support please?

  • I cant even find the "link to steam" section

  • it seems they removed the Link to Steam section in the profile
    I think they could communicate more than just saying "auth server are off" especially when you publicly release a version and communicate on it :/ !

  • Yep, can confirm confusion. Purchased 4-pack, sent email invites to friends, nobody could work out how to Steam it. No worries though, as long as it will be fixed, but would be nice to have read that somewhere before I went on a merry hunt to find out :)

  • I agree.
    You have the News on , the forum with many sub sections and a discord!! But the only real news are on the discord

  • So they made a new link! Hurray!!!

    They made a fix for the ppl that couldnt link their account to steam. I jumped on it. then... And got this message: "Your account already has a Steam Key, please contact support." So I go on steam to install the game... but the game is not in my library. So back to square one. Still not working.

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