10 Quality of Life Improvements for Eco

  • So I've finally managed to get some time to play this game and I did so for about 2 or so hours at this point and already there's quite a few things that I think could be improved upon. They're all pretty minor on their own but if all were fixed/tweaked it could really make this game flow a lot more naturally I feel:

    1. This first one is the only detail that really drove me nuts! Why do new stacks of items keep getting created in my inventory?? I have a stack (not a full stack) of seeds in my backpack, I cut some more berries and then it just decides it wants to make a new stack in my already heavily populated belt space? Why aren't all items just put into one stack until that stack is full? On top of that, I even saw it happen once that I had a stack of berry seeds in my backpack as well as a stack in my belt and I cut down some more berries and it made yet another stack in my belt. This is the one thing on my list that I really hope you guys fix soon. Just unnecessary inventory management.

    2. Some way to set a wall height and drag walls to construct when building homes. Could switch between this method and the 1 by 1 block placement if desired but honestly I'm just going to make the minimum sized cube necessary (at least until mid/late game) to make a building and it feels unnecessary/tedious to place blocks 1 by 1 for such a simple structure.

    3. Workbenches only being able to make 64 units of an item at a time (if that items max stack limit is 64) is somewhat annoying. Only had to deal with it changing logs to rough cut logs so far but given that some research books require 80 logs I naturally put that number in and it automatically reduces that number to 64 without giving clear indication it is doing so. It's a mild nuisance to have to put an order in for 64 then an order for 16 when the process could just be a bit more streamlined and take your order of 80 and automatically split it up if necessary instead of reducing the number of the order without telling you.

    4. If an item finishes being crafted while you have the craft screen open, you have to close the screen and reopen for it to show up instead of the window just popping up. Another small detail but it could just be more steamlined.

    5. If you make the minimum size required for your buildings, it's somewhat easy to get hooked on your work bench and the walls of your house so moving indoors feel a bit extra clunky at the moment. Maybe just check the hitboxes in these kind of areas.

    6. I'm not sure if this is possible already, but I would really like to be able to edit a building after it's finished being constructed. (Didn't play around with this much, maybe there's a way I didn't figure out).

    7. Idk if there is a way to run or move faster (I know hunger/weight affects it) but I would greatly enjoy being able to hit shift or something to run faster in exchange for some higher caloric drain.

    8. You should be able to rearrange or put work orders on hold (if you are the owner of said orders). For example, I just wanted to craft a small amount of construction lumber but I had like a 15 minute wait in the way for a book to be finished. It doesn't make sense to not be able to switch your orders around. An author doesn't automatically lose all progress on a book if he doesn't write it all in one go and I don't see why we wouldn't be able to pause such lengthy projects in game as well if another item is more important to make at the moment.

    9. If no fees were gathered since the last time you used a workshop, it isn't necessary to bring up the empty windows every time.

    10. In regards to where this annoying empty fee window shows up as well as where the completed goods window shows up: I believe they should either be automatically placed to the side so that none are overlapping (there's plenty of screen space, no need to have to move one out of the way to get to another window) OR just make it so the game remembers the last location you had dragged these windows to so that the next time you open the screen it has the windows off to the side where you placed them instead of in the default overlapping positions.

    So all in all, these are very minor details but it would be excellent if you could address most if not all of them. I'm very excited to see where this game is going as I think it has a ton of potential. Great job on the first round of the Alpha!

  • I agree with everything here. I'm not sure how high QoL issues are on their priority list but these are great ideas and I hope they get implemented soon =)

  • for now, i think most important things they first need to work on bugs like , mac and linux graphics issues , world holes and that stuff ,, and fix some small other issues that fast can be game breaking i guess. i created a list of high critical bugs that need to be fixed first and send it to john =) also created a document gathering all feedback links for him, so on Monday he will start looking him self at my list and all other bugs and create a battle plan on what to resolve first and so on i think. Also john is working reworking many aspects of the game and improving it =) so as an example, the skill system might change totally and might not even be anything like the current skill system =)

    so don't worry if it takes time to hear or see any changes but i am sure they look and read all feedback and will improve the game =)

  • For the record, issues 1 and 3 have already been reported as recognized bugs. I think for 8, that it might be an intentional part of the game design that workshops, even workshops you created, can get clogged up with other people's orders if you leave them publicly accessible, especially if you don't charge any usage fee.

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