MW's Mod 7.1

  • Greetings one and all!

    Change Log:

    New food Items!

    Fish head soup, Tuna salad, Bake salmon, Fishsticks, Tuna Casserole, Fish tacos, Tuna fish Sandwich, Spicy clam chowder, and Fish fillet!
    (NOW you got a good reason to fish!)

    Upgrade Tools!

    Upgrade old tools to the next tier! Most made on Anvil, while Modern made at the Factory!

    House Value Items do not clash!

    All HV items now ONLY will clash(give you a penalty ) if you place multiple of the same items, not different items!


    Those who have maxed out levels in Tailoring can recycle old starter backpack!
    Those who have maxed out levels in Basic Craft can recycle old workbenches and campfires!
    Those who have maxed out levels in Woodworking can recycle wood pulp!
    Those who have maxed out levels in AlloySmithing can reduce tailings!

    Your carried items now stack to 20 while holding them, or in carts!

    Small and Wooden carts can carry more, and a small speed increase depending on road type.
    Power carts small speed increase on Stone and Asphalt, but major decrease on Dirt!

    Bigger Storage Chest!

    Shovels now can grab 20 items from a stockpile/carts instead of 1!

    Download <Below, next post!>

    To install, just unzip into Server's folder!

  • Update to version .09!

    Added New icons to food!

    A MAJOR THANK YOU for the help and artwork goes to Phlo!!!!

    Phlo has done an amazing job of artwork to these new icons!

    All but one item from the food list has new icons!

    Update to version .10

    Works for Beta 7.0.2!

    Fixed: Error with "Lattrines"

    Fixed: All new World Object that has HV now will not clash!

    Updated to version .11

    Fixed: Carpets now are craft the same way as 7.0.3
    Fixed: Small carts not holding what it should.
    Added: Torches now stack. Now you can keep your Standing torches going for longer!
    Note: Bigger Chest lost the skin(was cheating and using in-game skin, seems they removed/moved it) Will be a White box until I can make Eco and Unity play nice, or I can get help with it.

    Updated for 7.0.5

    Removed: Cast Iron Spigots. Seems SLG removed it, so I did too.
    Minor tweaks to get it to work for 7.0.5

    Updated for 7.0.6

    Version 0.12

    Added: Icebox and refrigerator NOW can store food items!! (Or any other non-carried items, I don't judge!)
    Minor tweaks for balancing!


  • @Master-Who said:

    Phlo has done an amazing job of artwork to these new icons!

    There is a small bug: The Wood Pulp crate is missing its texture. It appears as transparent object in the world.

  • Um.. This Mod does not have a wood pulp crate...

  • Then there is something else broken, the item looks transparent.
    Looked the item up (or tried to) on the wiki and did not find it, so I assumed it was an addition on your side.

  • Hey bud the BigStorageChest is missing its texture.

  • Thanks.. noticed it in 7.0.3, gonna try to fix it. Worse case, it can stay a white box, lol :)

    As for this wood pulp chest item... I am thinking this has to be another person's mod(Maybe Clay's?)

  • I think the Woodpulp Crate is clays mod.

    And awesome, Hope it can be fixed to an item lol!

  • A test does show that this will work on 7.0.7!

  • Little confued ;D
    Download Here! MW's Mods v.12 for <--- is that the right file for actual update ?

  • Yes it is :) Also, seems to work ok in 7.0.8 as well :)

  • Looks like this plays well with 7.1 :)

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