HOW TO: Multiple Servers On a VPS For Steam Release!

  • Hello everyone!

    With help from NoBlackThunder, i have decided to write a guide on running multiple servers on a VPS for the steam release! This Guide Does NOT Cover Staging Releases!

    All commands in this post are required to be typed! So here it goes,

    Step 1
    Firstly, you will need to own a copy of eco, you can find the server files in "tools" in your steam library, install this to have access to basic server files,

    Step 2
    next you will need SteamCMD which can be downloaded here:

    Step 3
    Create a folder for cmd to be installed into and place the steamcmd.exe file in this folder and run.
    next use this command "login username" to enter your login details, you will be prompted for a password to your account, if you have steamgaurd it will ask you for your TwoFactor Authentication, i recommend not having it as it will make updating the server files through this a little tedious.

    Step 4
    once it is installed create a new folder in the C:/ drive call it whatever you would like this is for your second/third/forth server EG. EcoServer

    Step 5
    next run this command in steamCMD: force_install_dir C:\ecoserver this will make your directory,
    next run this command as posted, you will have to type all commands as CTRL+V does not work: app_update 739590 validate
    this will install the new ecoserver files, you can do this for multiple servers but you must repeat this step everytime!

    Step 6
    Create a new text document and paste this script into it.
    "// update <-- name of this script
    @ShutdownOnFailedCommand 1 //set to 0 if updating multiple servers at once
    @NoPromptForPassword 1
    login inputusernamehere inputpasswordhere
    app_update 739590 validate

    save the Text Document with an easy to remember name! EG. Update
    Note! this is the update script to update your server files as new ones are released! if you have SteamGaurd it will ask you every time for your TwoFactor Authentication Code,

    Step 7 Run SteamCMD and Type in: "runscript update.txt" this will run your update script,

    Re-do Step 7 every time there is a new update for the server files!

    Your server is now installed! you can find all the server files as normal in your chosen directory! you will also see a steamapps folder in there the first time you do this but thats fine you can delete it to no harm :)

    i hope this is easy to follow! please let me know if you are having troubles!

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