• Wow what a Disappointment. My wife and i like to play alone BUT NOT NOW you have to CHEAT!!!!! Please revert back Please. Fix fishing too i cant go past level 1 even if i am level 5.

  • Just because it's a bug on 6.4.2 which is btw AN ALPHA, does not mean that they should revert...

    when you bought the game you knew it was an ALPHA which means that it's still in development. If you didn't know what ALPHA meant, perhaps you should have used your favorite search engine to find it out?

    When finding a bug, best is to report it to the devs, not try to shame them!


  • Have you tried looking at @Master-Who 's mods? He has been putting a ton of small bugfixes and other things into his mods that the devs haven't had time to fix and push in an update just yet. If the fix isn't in there, message him and ask about possibly adding it! He's really good with that kind of fix.

  • @ClayC I know what ALPHA means. But i have seen lots of ALPHAS TAKE A WRONG TURN, Like this.

  • you were making a big deal of a bug, perhaps it's better to report the issue to devs on github, I already posted the link on my other post.

    Being salty is never the answer.

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