Regarding skills and specializations

  • I think the new specializations are great and make working together a requirement but they need some fixing. I have a few things here to point out few discrepancies with them:

    1. remove item gains (for example bow and arrows from hunting, or campfire from campfire cooking, to name a few) from skills and specializations, to allow unlearning all skills to stop you from making your character near useless. I mean at server start it might be useful to take up hunting or primitive cooking till you can get a dedicated cook or hunter around also doing something stupid like choosing Digging, mining and logging and then not being able to remove them and being stuck with 3 skill specialiations that really are not worth it and gimping your ability to do any crafting for a good long time..

    2. Have a way to see what the inflation curve is for all specialiations. Some servers its 0-3-39-86-130 and for some it may be 0-5-39-130 or somesuch to learn new specializations. Seeing it beforehand can help you plan your specializations better and to better see if you can do something on the side (like hunting or fishing)

    3. Maybe make some specializations be free from start (similiar to self improvement) like hunting fishing and basic campfire cooking and maybe basic carpentry?

    Any thoughts, anybody?

    EDIT: Thought about a bit more and:

    1. Some specializations are not worth it at the moment at all, like mining and logging and digging. then there are others like Wood construction that is useless in all other ways but for one thing: Road Tool. And why road tool is in wood construction anyways, why not in engineering and road construction?
    2. Maybe specialization costs should be refunded completely, but not the points spent inside that specialization on skills
    3. Some way of making a complete skill reset from start

    I understand that skills are not ready yet and are most likely to change, but these are just my thoughts on the matter

  • Agreed on most points, I'll have to give some more thought to my suggestions for fixes but for now the most obvious problems is the lack of distinction between basic skills and specialisations.

    Using a shovel or axe is not a specialist skill, you shouldn't have to pay for a seperate spec to get shovel efficiency.