Blast furnace causing ground pollution

  • Hi devs and players,
    since Patch the blast furnace is hardly producing any CO2, but massive amounts of ground pollution. We only have 2 blast furnaces on our server, but the ground pollution is raising day by day.
    Is there any way to stop or lower this?
    What are you all doing?
    And does anybody know what the critical rate for the planet is?
    At the moment we have around 60 ground pollution.

  • I have the same Problem. 0 CO2 ( i checked the statistics and the bars show notting) but ground pollution all arround the Blast Furnace !?

  • I have no test data by myself. Festest way to get a proper answer would be #support at Discord as there will be most likely someone present who knows the answer right away.

    And please tell us here what is is, too.

  • I was running my blast furnace about 12 hours a day but sometimes would go a day or 2 without using it.

    As far as I can tell the ground pollution is from the smoke and will clear up pretty quickly as long as there is no air pollution in the area for a bit.

    I'm pretty sure it has been this way since around alpha 5.4.4 if not even before that.

    I'm relatively sure all air pollution causes slight ground pollution while present but will go away once the air is no longer polluted

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