Where and how to find rice

  • i have been looking around and i have no idea how or where to find rice seeds. i see that you can make stuff with it, but i wasnt sure exactly where to find them since there isnt a tab on the world layer to find it in the wild. so i was looking for help on here to see if i could find any help

  • as of 6.4.2, it still has yet to be added to game =\

  • ah that kind of makes sense, but if it hasnt been added then why not just take out the items that you need rice to make you know?

  • There are a lot of recipes that need to be looked at again and not just rice. Buckets do nothing and have no point.Tailoring new items and you are stuck with the old clothing forever.(Not even going to talk about how most clothing either does not work as intended nor can be seen on your avatar, someone already posted about that!)

    Fact is, we are very close to Feb 6th and I do not think we are ready to be Beta just yet. I know 7 is right around the corner with new changes again and I have not looked at it yet. But just from 6.4.2 I don't see it. I love how they changed the Saw Mill. I am on the fence about getting rid of the recipe for Claim Flags.

    But I am getting off subject. This is STILL Alpha, and I know the boys and girls of SLG are gonna do the best they can. I just hope they do get around to either adding Rice(and the other new creatures) as well as rebalancing everything!

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