Lack of information on dev´s homepage and official forum

  • It really isn´t helpful that you, the developers, don´t announce any news and patchnotes on your own official website and forum.
    Do you really expect your clients to search on third person websites and - programs to get any information?
    The last official news are from version 0.5.6.
    That is ridiculous and disengaging.
    With every patch players first have to find out even that there is a patch at all, so they know why they cannot get onto their servers, then seeking the information you give bit by bit on different websites.
    This is your website! Shouldn´t this be updated first?
    We agreed to help developing this game, but you neglect even your very few players.
    As much as I like the idea of this game and I see the effort you put into it, I am astonished to see a company forgetting the necessary basic communication.
    Please work on your information system!

  • Hello ;D

    A good way to see for the changelogs, go in the Eco Discord Channel ;D

  • @Bogus Notis is saying that we shouldn't have to go to third party websites/chat services to see that there is an update.

    I see all the information on Discord but I happen to agree that it shouldn't have to be that way. Hopefully SLG gets a marketing/PR department to spend some time on this!

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