Administration v1.2.0 for Eco Alpha and

  • Administration has been updated to version 1.2.0! This update is compatible with both Alpha and Alpha Included in this update are 2 new commands, '/ban' and '/kick', allowing server owners and admins to have a greater degree of user management power in the game.

    About the mod
    This mod provides a selection of commands for server owners and admins that allow them to perform some actions that are otherwise only available from the server console. (Especially useful for people who are hosting their server through a 3rd party service, and who don't have direct access to their server console.)

    New Commands

    • /ban [username] Bans a player from the server. This removes them from the whitelist and adds them to the blacklist. Can't be used on admins.
    • /kick [username] Kicks a player from the server. Can't be used on admins

    Using '/ban' will also kick the player if they are banned while they are online.

    All Available Commands

    • /backup Performs a backup of the world.
    • /ban [username] Bans a player from the server.
    • /exportchatlog Exports the chat log.
    • /exportitemlist Exports lists of items in the game.
    • /exportstats Exports stats for the server.
    • /kick [username] Kicks a player from the server.
    • /save Saves the server.

    You can download Aministration v1.2.0 from here.
    Installation instructions are included on the download page.

    More Information
    Additional information about the mod can be found here.
    This mod and my other mods are available on my website.

    Leave comments with your feedback and suggestions!

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