MW's Mods V6.4.1

  • Greetings one and all!

    This is the newest version of MW's Mods. Thanks to all from Whovania who have given me ideas, feedback and such!

    Please note. This version will only work if you do a clean install of a server. That means only newly created worlds will work. To install it, you must delete the whole server folder. Reinstall the server THEN unzip my mods on top of the Mod folder. DO NOT INSTALL this on old worlds!

    Here is what is all in this bad boy!

    Allow Players to carry items 20 at a time!

    Fixed Weight of Carried Dirt, Ore, and Sand!

    Allow Players to stack items up to 20, instead of 10, in a cart type vehicle.

    Fish Tacos are BACK! (still working on a nice balance for my old foods!) Slightly better than Elk Taco, but do not eat a lot, you could get.. well... you'll see....

    Recycler: New Profession.
    Has Basic Recycling, Recycling, and Advance Recycling.
    as well as Recycling Efficiency and speed for all 3.

    Fix world Items from clashing with other world items for hurting your skill points!(Old way: Add a bed (1 point) and a small rug(.75 points thanks to bed) in one room. The new way: You get one point for each now, and get hit with .75 if you add either another bed or small rug)

    Two new Tables: Recycling Table(Needs 300 mechanical power)
    Recycling Plant(Needs 2500 electrical power)

    Tool Upgrade! You can now upgrade old tools to newer better one! Stone/Wood to Iron, Iron to Steel, Steel to Modern! Made on a Recycling Table and/or Recycling Plant!

    Bigger Storage chest! Needs Lumber and Iron ingots!

    Shovels now can pick up 20 at a time from carts/Stockpiles!

    The stove is NOW made on an Anvil!

    Fixed: Coal is now as light as the ores, dirt, etc!

    Changed: Stove NOW need Steel to be made(Really? Logs still??? :P)

    Added: Solar Panels. Use the POWER OF THE SUN to power your Grid. Beware! This will cause Increased CO2 to be made, and only gives a small amount of power(100) You will need to build a Solar Farm if you want to turn your house/city Green!!! Needs Advance Recycling, and build on the Recycling Plant.

    Power Carts NOW use Biodiesel!

    Corn Ethanol: A new fuel made from Corn and Gasoline, at the Recycling Plant. Better than Biodiesel!

    Small Fix: Small and normal size carts have increased the amount of weight they can hold!

    Both wooden carts move a little better on Asphalt roads.

    Power Carts move a lot better on Asphalt roads, but even worse on Dirt roads.

    New Recycling recipes: Turn old workbenches back into logs
    Turn old campfire back into stones
    Turn wood pulp into boards

  • Quick update!

    Fixed Rugs to now be made.
    Added: All quick fixes, Such as Road tool repair, Fishery and Mechanic skills!

    <file removed, as it no longer works in Beta>

  • Will an install on an existing world create some big problems? Seems like we have a few quirks after our server admin installed this. For example, trying to repair an iron tool crashes the client.

  • Yes. As stated, this mod HAS to be installed on a NEW world with a CLEAN install.

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