Administration v1.0.0 for ECO Alpha is released!

    The mod has been updated to version v1.1.1. This new version brings the addition of the '/exportstats' command.


    The initial release of the Administration mod for ECO Alpha is here!
    This mod provides a selection of commands for server owners and admins that allow them to perform some actions that are otherwise only available from the server console. (Especially useful for people who are hosting their server through a 3rd party service, and who don't have direct access to their server console.)

    Available Commands

    • /backup Performs a backup.
    • /exportchatlog Exports the chat log.
    • /exportitemlist Exports lists of items in the game.
    • /exportstats Exports stats for the server.
    • /save Saves the game.

    More commands are planned for later versions.

    You can download Aministration v1.1.1 from here.
    Installation instructions are included on the download page.

    More Information
    Additional information about the mod can be found here.
    This mod and my other mods are available on my website.

    Leave comments with your feedback and suggestions!

  • Killservers put this through our testing sandbox and it works great. Its really wonderful to be able to have the server ui console commands now available in game, especially being able to save the game before shutting it down. This command is helpful even for those that have the console access. We have wanted this for our server owners for some time and with the SLG busy getting ready for steam launch it was not something that John thought they could not get to for a while so suggested we see if someone could make a mod. Pradoxzon was willing to work on this so this has been really great!

    We want Pradoxzon to know how much we appreciate his work on this and that the credit for this work goes solely to him.

    Just so you know when you run the commands that produce a file, like /exportchatlog the log will be written to a new folder called ExportedDocs/ in your root game folder. The mod will create the new folder for you.

  • Could you elaborate on what the /save command does and the difference between /save and /backup?

  • @Nes the /save command saves the state of all the plugins. For example, if you make someone an admin, saving makes sure they are still admin after a restart. (Without saving the server might not remember that they are an admin.) It functions the exact same as the ‘save’ button on the console.
    The /backup command triggers a manual backup of the world. This is the same backup that is performed by scheduled backups.

  • /save is an important command, even if you have access to the ui console, as often you want to force a save before the server is stopped. If you are using a hosting service it totally depends on how they have things configured and set up as to where a save is done when you click a 'stop' or 'restart command'. If they don't have command scripts that run before the shutdown is executed that send the command to save you could risk losing back to the last auto save the game did. This has been an issue for some server admin with hosted servers. Now they have a way to send a save command before they live the game and click the stop clink/button in they game control panel. The most they will lose at that point would be the time between when they issue that command and when they clicked stop. For those with hosts that already send a save command to the server before sending the shutdown command, this really is not that important but its nice to have in other cases. If for some reason you server started acting up and lagging very badly or showing other errors, being able to tell it to save from in the game in case its thinking about crashing is always helpful. This is the same command that is run by what you set in the for saving the game.

    the /backup command is what is run by the configuration you have set in the which backups your, the db files and makes a backup file in the Storage./Backups/. You will have set how many backups to retain, say 10 for example, but if you to a /backup from in game you will see an extra backup in the Storage/Backup folder unless the next time autobackup runs, and removes the files that exceed the number you said to save - but its a way to know the command is working.

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