How to Do a Clean update with Eco Client and retain a Saved Solo game

  • If you have not played a solo game or have no desire to retain the one you have played, simply deleting the files in your ECO folder and unzipping the new ones you downloaded back in there is all you need to do.

    If you have been playing a solo game and wish to retain the game take these steps before deleting the files in your ECO Directory.

    1.Go to your ECO directory and in Eco_Data folder locate the Server folder and click to open it and locate the storage directory and open it. In there is your saved world, by the name you gave it and .eco. Copy it to a safe temporary directory somewhere outside your ECO directory.
    2. Now go to the Config Directory and save the, and and any other config file that you may have edited. Copy them to a safe place.
    3. Delete all the file in your ECO directory
    4. Unzip and put all the new ECO files back in the ECO directory
    5. Get world save files and copy then back into Eco_Data/Server/Storage
    6. Go to your Config directory and open each of the files that you saved copies of and make sure you copy all the edits you made before into the new config files (in most cases these do not change so you could just copy them back in but if something has change it will break you load or you will not get a new setting in - especially if they make world balance changes for solo, so best to always manually edit your configs)

    Once you have done this your good to start your client and go back to your solo game. It may take a bit longer to load the first time after an update as it has to be converted to the update.

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