Question, World Object is Transparent.

  • This is my first attempt at creating a mod to add a new object, so I just started with a small chest.

    I have Unity 2017 and I've imported the Eco asset and everything explained here

    In my Unity project I copied the SampleItem and renamed it to SmallChestItem then gave it a new foreground icon. This part works in the game:

    Then I copied the SampleObject and renamed it SmallChestObject and I gave it a material auto-created by Unity from a wooden crate texture I saved in the Assets\EcoModKit\Materials\ folder:

    I created these files by copied other object files and modifying them to go with the objects:

    • \Mods\Objects\SmallChestObject.cs
    • \Mods\AutoGen\WorldObject\SmallChest.cs
      And I modified \Mods\WorldObjectOccupancyAutoGen.cs to include SmallChest.

    But in the game the world object just appears transparent:

    I must be doing something wrong with how the texture is included in the asset bundle or something.
    Any help would be appreciated.


  • This is a Bug in 6.4+ It has been posted on GitHub :)

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