Simple Walk-Thru for New players and even experts for 6.4.1

  • Greetings one and all.

    I wanted to post this, as it seems a lot of players, new and old, are having a hard time with 6.4+ So, bare in mind I am by no means an expert, and only learn this info from either being a dum-dum or from word of mouth from other players/Developers.

    First, and foremost, as soon as you load up on a new server you must find out what kind of world you have landed in. If this is a very new world, you will not have many choices for Professions. New worlds will have a bit more choices. Chat with other players and find what needed. You could also just pick whatever you wish as well. Once you have chosen your first Profession DO NOT PICK ANOTHER ONE RIGHT OFF THE BAT. Yes, the second one IS cheap, but you will need to focus on your own Profession! Focus on being the best of whatever you have chosen!

    Every player will have Survival. Survival will help you research faster and cheaper. They also can make Storage Chest and Stockpile. Increase your carry weight and allowing you to have more calories, so you can eat more food to have better skill points!

    If you spend points in the Specialization: Basic Craft, Hewing, or Mortaring it WILL give you a free workbench as well.

    Each Specialization will majorly increase. First one is Free. The second one is 5. The 3rd one will cost 38 points. 4th one, 130 and so on. Once you pick your first Specialization, all the skills in that one will be cheap, costing from 1 to 3 points each time.

    If there are no chefs on the server yet, you will have to eat a lot of raw food. Dive underwater to get raw fish from clams and urchins. Pick up Corn, Huckleberries, Beets, Fiddleheads, Tomatoes, and Beans with your hands. If you have chosen Farming(or made a shovel) you can get Camas, if you Specialize Gathering as a Farmer you get a free Stone Sycthe(or if you make one) you can harvest Wheat and Fireshoots.

    If there IS a chef, make quick friends with them! Trade what you can make for food to help with skill points.

    When building your room, not only will you need to make it big enough for your crafting tables, but for house items as well! Each of them will need 25m³! One room with just a chair and a table will get you about .4 house value(does not sound like much, but at the beginning they DO help!) Have your logger friend hook you up with these, if you are not one!

    Players who are Loggers(Carpenters) that got a free ax, or players that traded/made an ax can chop trees down to make logs. placing 4 logs down can make a log block. Log blocker is Tier 0 materials for house building. Some crafting tables need Tier 1 or higher to 'work' in. Check the Status Tab on the table to see what it needs. Placing logs on the ground and then chopping them again with an ax will turn them into Hewn Logs. One log can make one Hew log. Hew Log are Tier 1. You can make a nice wooden house with Hew. Using a hammer you can turn the logs(Hold Shift and use the mouse wheel to cycle thru the crafting menu) into floors, walls, windows, stairs, and roofs.

    Players who are Masons that got a free pickax, or traded/made a pickax can break stones into rubble. Four rubbles make a rubble block that can be used to build a Tier 0 Stone house. Later on, Masons can make Mortared Stone.

    Players can also make a dirt house with a shovel. This is still tier 0.

    Loggers, later on, will be able to make stores. This will help players trade items faster, even when others are offline!

    New worlds are harder. And could take a full Real day to get to the Bronze age (Having a player learn Smelting) A lot of older players are used to getting tons of skill scrolls before day 1. Players now in 6.4 have to communicate a lot now either with in-game chat or Discord to plan ahead.

    NOT ONE PLAYER can DO IT ALL. Once you get your skills points a day up to 49-50(easy to do with a good chef who makes campfire food) go ahead and pick a new Specialize from your Profession or a new Profession. Just remember, you can not unlearn Profession/Specialize that gives you free tools/items. Those you can unlearn you will get 50% of the skill points back.

    Any and all feedback welcome :)

  • sounds to me like they went and ruined the game. everyone should have access to all the tools, even if they have to craft them from resources in the beginning. I support stopping players from getting all the skills, but if you ask me they have gone way too far. Here is a gg for the February steam launch and the death of a previously good game

  • As I stated. Everyone knows how to build all tools. Seeing that you may have to talk to another humanoid to get logs and or stone to make it, is not a game killer in my book. Sorry you feel this way.

  • @chaorfighter In the latest hotfix, they changed the initial starting conditions so all players start with basic tools. Game balance is one of the last things done in a game because it is fine tuning. I agree they went too far with this release as far as the exponential skill point costs, but the fortunate thing is that these problems can be solved with the adjustments of a few variables. The game is far from ruined.

    Completing features, fixing bugs, and making sure the game is stable is what the devs are hard at work on right now.

  • Yes, in 6.4.1, new players now receive a small set of tools on login, useful for performing most basic tasks in the early game. This is only for new players who JUST join the server.

  • well that's not so bad then, but they still just need to input a server start up mode that says no skill penalty, low and high

  • The server admin can already do that. Also, I think they were talking about improving solo play so skills are gain faster than server play, as well a sleep function for those solo that want to speed up the world :)

  • We're working on better ways to introduce players to the new specialization system - the current iteration is really rough around the edges (especially since it hasn't been balanced for cost, etc).

    We've got a new set of tutorials in the works and, hopefully soon, we'll have the early game nice and smooth.

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