• Can anyone maybe tell me if there is a way that you can use autocrafting for your shop?because in the server that I am playing someone do autocrafting but I wanna do that to but he dont wanna tel me how to do that

  • You must queue up for example 999 pitch, and let your shop buy wood pulp, when wood pulp is added to the chest, the campfire will consume it, which makes pitch, and outputs back to the chest, which the shop sees and offers for selling ;)

    Simple ?

  • hahaha not very simple but glad that I know this?is this some bug in the game then I mean will this be chanced ?

  • this is not a bug in the game, it's just the flow of how things move around.

    Shop is selling pitch, buying woodpulp, connected to storage box 1

    Campfire is taking woodpulp from storage box 1 and outputting pitch into the same storage box.

  • ok going to try that it's not very easy like I hear this

  • Clay can I do this for wheat to ?for make flour? maybe stupid that I ask but is there no tutorial about this because dont understand how to do this

  • This can be done with anything that can be queued

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