Killed solo.

  • I've started with the game in version And It was boring, but enjoyable sometimes.
    With new version ( there is no more lags and freezes while you are connected to a server. BUT.. It became impossible to play solo and enjoy the game.
    You are forced to play with others even if you don't want to integrate that much.. It's impossible to open skill trees as inflation is even worse than before.

    I understand the intention of developers, but if previously I've seen servers with few people online and enjoying the game, now it's just abandoned workbenches around the servers (except for few).

    Changes regarding skills trees & enforces specialization ruined the game.

  • I agree they did kill the solo in multiplayer mode. However, in Solo mode, if I heard correctly, you can change your points gain/lower inflation etc.

  • You can set your own server settings to make the game easier or harder as you wish. But the base game is quite unbalanced right now. At least in 6.4.1 you have some basic starting tools.

  • To be honest, unless you have a very well organized server or are playing with very close friends dedicated to building the community and cooperating with each other to support specialization, you are still essentially playing solo.

    Forcing specialization in this way and adding major penalties for training skills outside of your primary specialty does make it very hard to play. At the very least, you may have at most one or two other people you cooperate with that help you out and everybody else leeches off of you on a public server.

  • Not a huge fan of this skill change as I have said in another thread.

    But I will say that the Store economy seems to be much more robust in the early game then I had seen previously. Which I do think is a neat benefit. However, this forces everyone to live close to each other... which feels like a poor design consequence at the same time. Of course any server with low population will basically be unplayable.

  • it also encourages certain skills over others, my world ended up with 15+ carpenters and not a single person who could harvest meat.

  • I kind of like this change. Yes it makes it harder for people to basically solo on multiplayer, but this is supposed to be a game that forces each player to look at things differently. There are some things you can do to help your server, such as using the forums specifically for your server to communicate to other people while they are offline. On my server we have a low pop. Probably around 15 to 20 players but that's good enough for us to have a robust economy. The thing I would say needs to be buffed is farming. Since all one needs to do is get a hoe and enough seeds to supply themselves with out actually having to spend points in farming. All the while they specialize in cooking. So any farmer trying to sell their goods is basically nulled out

  • @Newton said:

    it also encourages certain skills over others, my world ended up with 15+ carpenters and not a single person who could harvest meat.

    I think the big issue is this. You gain skill points through either nutrition or housing right now.
    Currently it's easy to get berries and any kind of plant-food and hard to get meat in comparison.

    Which means that skills pertaining to that (carpentry/masonry, cooking/farming) have a huge advantage over others. Every single skill tree should have a way to earn skill points faster.

  • I agree, CD. I know as of now, they are still working on re-balancing all these skills. So, do not get too comfortable with them just yet.

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