How i build a Room...

    1. to build the first room I need Hewn Log
    2. Hewn Log can now only produce on Carpentry Table
    3. the Carpentry Table need a Room to produce anything
    4. back to Step 1 ...

  • Hewn logs can be made by placing logs on the ground and hitting them with the axe. Then switching to the hammer while carrying a hewn log lets you place full-size blocks.

    The tutorial does explain it, but I agree it is not very intuitive.

    Additionally, some workstations, such as the carpentry table, can function with tier 0 material, meaning you can make the room out of stone.

  • You can build a t0 room with dirt or stone. You can build a t1 room with logs or Hew Logs.

  • So I feel dumb...

    On this page it says there is a building menu

    I have been unable to locate a building menu. Am I just placing the walls in the world? Does it need a floor and roof? I feel like I am missing something.

  • Build menu is from using hammer. (Hold down shift and mousewheel to scroll quickly in it.)

  • You totally answered my question about switching through the build menu while using the hammer. I was pressing tab to get my mouse and then clicking on it to change. I think the tutorials do still need some work, but this is still Alpha and has come a long way. I was a little confused as to what t0 and t1 meant because those descriptions were never used before and I haven't seen a description for what they actually mean; I just guessed since I've played many of the previous versions.

  • Sorry, Hososugi I am a little slow sometimes and forgets that not everyone knows everything.

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