• this game starting become frustrated in this game half of the time the map dont load and is very glitchy and buggy the you are more trowing out of the world then you can play the skill three system is totaly nothing word and the game is bearly unplayable. if it will be like this when it go to release on steam then there will be a lot of refunds dev's do something about this all

  • I understand and completely feel your pain. I’ve been playing for little over a year now, and it plays much smoother than it used to. I remember most of your items would turn invisible and end up at the bottom of a lake. (those darn wooden carts...) But with that said, we have to remember that this game is only in alpha. So performance will always vary until we reach a full build. I’m not trying to bash what you’re saying, only trying to keep people like us possitive. I believe this is going to be a great game when it’s all said and done.

  • yeah to be honest suddenly I can not connect anymore I mean when I am coming in the server can not do anything anymore the only think I see is the half of my home that I build and nothing more reallty frustrated this the only thing I see are empty spots where you fall trough the world

  • @Hawticus face it 6.4 SUCKS the release was too EARLY I cant play I fall through map on every server i play.

  • I feel for you Pikapool 6.3.1 was stable 6.4 is NOT.

  • yeah you're right about that. I just switched to 6.4 when I got home from work and its trash. The only thing I enjoy is the new main menu, the fact I can just click continue. Im probably going to revert back to 6.3 until they do something about this. I keep falling through the map.

  • yeah know there is a new Alpha for everyone to download it's know 6.4.1 hope this one go's better pfff I it's the same again then I am going back to 6.3

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