Specialisations Make Solo Impossible

  • The old skill system was already hard on solo players, but this new one makes it next to impossible to progress.

    It would be nice if Eco were a communist utopia where everybody shared their skills to efficiently save the world, but you added coins so in reality people overcharge for for their stuff while undercutting yours.

    So if you don't have an RL friend also willing to pay the $55 AUD for what you're desperately trying to convince them isn't a less fun minecraft clone so you don't have to personally buy every skill to progress you're pretty much stuffed as of 6.4

  • I do agree that the current exponential increase could use a bit of balancing. The curve is waaaay too steep. It Should challenge you, so it shouldn't be easy to get all needed techs by day 30 (asteroid strike), but it should obviously be possible in a single player setting.

  • Agreed. The system, as is, is a deal breaker for me.

    I was having a ton of fun in 6.3 and notice a lot of great changes from when I last played early in 2017. I primarily play solo due to my schedule and this system applies too much pressure to play as a group. I don't mind skill point inflation to an extent, but this current level needs serious tuning.

  • 100% agree i also haven't played in a while and the drastic change really put me off. i understand this may have been the initial plans for the game. however by not having this kind of very community heavy system implemented at the start you've attracted a similar (but not exactly the same) kind of gamer, this is where i belong :P . i have nothing against the specialisation system i just believe you should have kept the survivalist skill tree the same as it was in previous versions. the way it is implemented at the moment does make it close to impossible to get anywhere in the game without levelling mining and carpentering, without waiting days for your skill points to generate. however i believe if you reverted the survivalist skill tree back to the way it was, it would allow people to acquire the basic tools (axe, pick and crafting station) without spending all there starting points into the specialisations of mining and carpentry. Having to specialise in these skills makes it WAY harder to specialise into the thing you want to actually do (if it isn't one of these). in conclusion :) i think the new system is great i love that people have to come together to get good stuff. but having it accompanied with the changes to the survival skill tree is causing a kind of throttling where you have to pick the mining and carpentering specialisations before doing anything else. so if your playing by yourself or in a server that hasn't got a lot of people or people that play at different times because of work etc. it becomes very difficult to get anything done and is counter productive to a growing community. so while this might not be a big deal if you have people you know who you want to start playing with, it is a big deal to people who play solo or join servers hoping to join/establish a community as they play

    don't plan on the playing the game if these things aren't changed. not as a threat or a jab at the developers but just because these changes don't fit my play style and go beyond making the game harder and enters impossible territory (for me). but i think you guys do have a great game here and hope people enjoy it even i wont be anymore, because i have enjoyed it so far so thank you ;P (if you guys even read this)

  • Exactly, playing mostly alone was challenging, but fun, satisfying and most importantly possible in 6.3.
    Yesterday I got stuck with digging and gathering because there was no farmers thinking I could supply the guy who put all his points in cooking but if people don't want to co-operate with you the new system just leaves you dead in the water.

  • +1

    Sounds good, doesn't work.

    Specialization is a great concept, in theory. But AFAIK it never actually worked in any MMO game so far. Unless you are playing with your (real life) friends or family, relying on random people is just pain in the...

  • Extreme specialization works in massive multiplayer games where you have hundreds or thousands on a server. That way, if a single person gives up or doesn't want to work in their area of specialization, others can easily step up as well as give an idea for new players what kind of specialty they might want to get into.

    I could imagine that this sort of extreme restriction might work in a classroom setting where teachers would even assign professions, but that doesn't sound all that fun to me.

    Typically in Eco you are on a server with about 4-5 active players... maybe. On even a very busy server is only a little over a dozen active players and another couple dozen people who occasionally show up but aren't committed to the community. That might change with Steam, but then again I see standard 100x100 worlds getting crowded very quickly in that situation too. Most worlds can't hold over a couple dozen people.

    The largest problem I've seen with coins though is rampant inflation from people who mint the coins instead of doing any work like harvesting raw materials to help out.

  • @King-Korihor
    There is a server setting that allows you to choose between following options:

    I think the use for these settings is to punish solo-running on the higher settings but to perfectly allow it on the lower ones.
    That way big servers can use the higher settings, and smaller ones the lower settings.

    Currently the settings are a bit off and one needs some manual adjustments to make it right, but the idea is there and just needs some balancing.

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