Skill three

  • sorry that I say but the skill three is so suckt up know you need 38 points before you can make a door or anything how unrealistic is this game know go back with the skill three from 6.3 because like it is know no fun in the game anymore you bearly can play you dont have nothing to do anymore you must wait for hours or days before you get points enough

  • Your post can use a bit of work, but your points are valid. The scaling of the required skill points is a bit ridiculous at the moment. However, the current skill system does seem better than the last one. We just need either of the following:

    1. More sources of skillpoints
    2. Less extreme scaling for skill requirements
    3. More players to help us out

    Obviously Nr. 3 is hard for single player games :)

    I would suggest adding more sources for skill points for everyone.
    And re-balancing the skill scaling in the difficulty settings.

  • I just starting playing 6.4 on a single PC and ran into this issue. It really sucks especially with doom coming in 30 days. I hope this fix this soon for us solo players!

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