Where is the changelog for the 6.4 Version ?

  • Hello all ;D

    I am little suprise, that many things in the version 6.4 change, but I can nowhere found a changelog, what is change ?

    When the game so go on Steam, the user beat down Eco.

  • From Discord:

    Here is the change log:

    :satellite: New Features :satellite:

    • Replaced the character controller

    • Character no longer slips and slides around walls in confined spaces.

    • The new controller is more responsive, should feel better when moving around in precarious situations like building the walls and roofs of buildings.

    • Character climbs stairs without requiring jumping.

    • Character no longer slides off of steep slopes, like roofs.

    • Improved the tutorial

    • Added a Controls popup that tells you how to interact with things in the world when you look at them for 1 second. Shows what each mouse button and ‘E’ key do.

    • Added initial support for playing on local worlds. Note: Initially this is a PC only feature, we will be looking at adding support for this on OSX and Linux in the future.

    • You can create and load worlds locally, and play without needing to setup your own server - it does most of the legwork for you.

    • Added a ‘Continue’ option, which will remember the last server you joined or world you loaded. One click gets you back into the game!

    Revised skills

    • Introduced the concept of ‘Specialties’, which are branches of the skill tree that require research
    • Restructured the skill tree to place all Specialties at the root
    • Reorganized the skills window to be easier to navigate
    • Simplified skill costs

    Avatar improvements

    • Player avatars now have more accurate foot placement and new animations including running, jumping and swimming.

    • Torches can now be seen when carried by other players

    • Updated water art!

    • Improved the end game win sequence.

    • Changed the way the Laser works: it now destroys the meteor 30 seconds after activating. Since this removes the 9 hour charging time, it instead requires double power.

    • Animated the lasers to turn to their target

    • Made the meteor easier to spot, fixed issues where the meteor was impossible to see.
      Improved hammer functionality(edited)

    • Changed the units of the AirPollutionSource and AirPollutionSpread world layers from tons of pollution per 16 square meters to tons of pollution per square meter.

    • Made /help sort and categorize the displayed chat commands.

    :beetle: Bugs Fixed :beetle:

    • Fixed bug where laws and government were not saved when hitting save in the server GUI
    • Added /dumpcarried command
    • Fixed room requirements for the Repair Station
    • Reduced stutter due to garbage collection
    • Added admin commands /setreputation and /setreputationrelative
    • Fixes phantom items in inventory
    • Fix bug where the Cause & Effect API would fail when inspecting layer relationships in an area that isn't aligned with the world origin
    • Fix some number formatting issues in Cause & Effect
    • Fixes a lot of issues when holding logs with shovel, or rubble with pickaxe, etc.
    • Fixes some items not appearing in store selection window, including coal and certain seeds.
    • If world layers changed dirt in stockpiles to other types, such as grass or desert sand, the stockpile used to lose the dirt item associated with it. Fixes that.
    • Fixed a server crash when claiming property with a deed crafted at a workbench
    • Removed Stone Roof (migrated to mortared stone roof in a previous release)
    • Fixes some server crashes related to crafting projects
    • Fixed problems with tooltips that were too tall for the screen
    • Fixed problems with tooltips closing even while still being hovered over
    • Added tooltips to items showing which skill gives that item, if any
    • Fixed not being able to walk after opening the advanced settings in the escape menu.
    • Fixed protection on fuel supplies that prevents unauthorized players from removing fuel from them
    • Fixed rubble placement against walls
    • Fixed occasional crashes when performing trades

  • Thanks for that Master Who ;D

  • Well thanks Master Who,

    the problem is that many more things have changed.

    Especially the law system has changed dramatically. I don´t know if it is just bugged or intentionally.

    Maybe it is my english but I cannot make the laws I could make in 6.3.1.

    For example I had limited the !harvesting" of Bisons to 1 per day on our server and 10 animals in total. I have no Ides to do that now.

    Same with Tailings. We forbid them totally after we had the blast furnace. Is that still possibble?

    I was hoping for law improvements, but it is the opposite.

    I would like motivate players by paying taxes to them for every planted tree for example.

    If I oversee something would be nice if someone could help me out, because I am sure I am not the only one.



  • Aye, they came out with 6.4.1 :)

    Also, yes, they screw up laws and contracts, joys of being in Alpha. They are working on them.

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