Spawn some basic resources that can be gathered without tools

  • I've noticed in 6.4 that players can get "stuck" if they don't skill up logging to get an axe, AND skill up mining to get a pick.

    Perhaps there should be some scattered scrap wood and stones around the world that players can pick up.

    It would be relatively inefficient but would still give the players who are stuck an opportunity to get back on track, so they can gather that little bit of wood or stone needed to craft tools.

  • Good post nes,and great suggestion. Currently after downloading 6.4 I am stuck without an axe and not sure how to go about getting one. Scrap limbs and small rocks would be great to gather while you wait for skill points.

  • Most players in 6.4 learn logging to get the axe and mining to get pickax and make the rest instead of wasting points on free tools in professions they are not gonna master.

  • Yes MW, since most players have been used to doing that to get initial tols, it has ground progress in 6.4 servers to a halt. Currently, the logging and mining skills should only be taken by one player EACH for that initial wood/stone, and the rest of the tools should just be crafted. It's not until more specialization that the efficiency skills justify taking those skill branches.

  • May have to add in a feedback to either put a tutorial on tools or maybe go back to a toolsmithing skill that will grant you the tools for free.

  • Perhaps allow people to punch trees and make wooden pickaxes ;P

    In all seriousness though, here is my suggestion:

    We could use random rocks on the ground as an expendable tool.
    With it, we'd be able to cut down trees and cut stone at a huge calorie cost.
    When the durability runs out on the rock, it disappears completely from your inventory.

  • I am reminded by this video:

    If you want to see how you can start with absolutely nothing and make stuff, that is a video for you. And it isn't even a game. I agree that if you want to have a bootstrapping going on from people to start with, it would be tools like the one made in the above video.

    Other videos by this same person show how to make bricks, a simple kiln, and other really interesting devices completely from scratch and only with tools you make from raw resources like a really hardcore wilderness survival experience.

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