6.4.0 log wall is a bug

  • Where is the log wall gone?
    I can look through the new wall.

    And how i can make from HewnLog Log?

    Neew waterfall, nobody need this,

    And they know what they do with Icons?


    Good things make bader and bad or bug things are ok?
    Sorry now ECO is died

    BB see better Version

  • If you want to make a wooden room

    1. chop tree
    2. place log on ground in stack (up to 4 logs per stack)
    3. use axe on log stack, this make a hewn log.
    4. while holding hewn log, switch to the hammer
    5. use the build menu (next to the quickbar on the bottom of the screen) to decide what to build.
      You can switch what you are building by pressing tab to show the mouse and click on the icon OR hold shift + mouse wheel.
    6. place the wooden item in the world.

    I couldn't understand everything you said, but this should help.

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