buying without paypal

  • I do not want to create a paypal account to buy the game and it looks like I can when i go to buy the game but after I enter all my credit card info I don't know where to click because right below the credit card info stuff it says "enter email and password to create paypal account''. If you don't know what i'm talking about then click buy game as if your going to buy it and then look and you'll find no option to buy without paypal even tho on the top of the page it states that you can. If i have to ill just wait for feb 6th and buy it on steam but id like to buy it now

  • What do you have against Paypal? It's a safe transaction service for online purchases.

    If you're afraid of your information being somewhere on the interwebs you've already lost that battle.

  • I know that, I just don't want to jump through all the hoops that paypal requires you to jump through to create an account

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