Skill Point Gains Should Be Detached from the Calorie Bar.

  • Could you possibly go into more detail on a 50 point house layout, in the age of specialisations I can't afford to experiment with furniture and higher tier materials.

  • You can experiment with chairs, tables, and shelves. Those are all rather inexpensive and can add up where you can even use multiple items to boost up the room points.

    The 1st piece of furniture counts at full value (usually just a single point... but not always). The 2nd piece of the same exact kind is 75% of the value and it drops from there. That is why you should use different kinds of furniture if possible.

    Also, other than some higher end kitchen items which might need tier 2 or tier 3 materials, I don't know of any piece of household furniture which needs any more than tier 1 materials. That may have changed in 6.4, but I can't play that version right now because my computer won't run it (I've already submitted a bug report with details). I doubt it has changed though from 6.3 to 6.4 other than the difficulty of putting skill points into various professions.

    You can also have more than one room of the same type, again where the 2nd room has 75% of the value of the 1st room. Keep the room points for this 2nd group of rooms similarly balanced (aka the same point value as the 1st group of each room type).

    It will show up precisely how many points are allocated for each room and how much each piece of furniture is contributing right on your nutrition bar.... where hour house points also show up. Put your mouse over the house point value for a detailed list of points you are getting.

    There might be other rooms than those I listed above, but I haven't seen them made from any experiments by other players. 50+ points is really not all that hard to get though.

  • i dont even see shelves anymore on new update :/

  • @King-Korihor Yes absolultely!!! Very detailed is exactly what i was looking for. I would like some more info on specifications for Latrine or have they changed it. I have in a very small room just with that in there and even closed if off, which should have made or classified that as a Latrine - however i did not. And also, what are some good suggestions for items to go in general room? Any help would be appreciated.

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