Skill Point Gains Should Be Detached from the Calorie Bar.

  • Thanks, that's the most information on the housing system I've seen anywhere.

  • Indeed nice job describing it king, also i'd like to add the housing points are super buggy currently, i always log on to having to go to every room and pick up an item and replace it for my points to go back to 50 which is super annoying(since not all my rooms are in same house) also why i stopped playing for a bit :) got really annoying having to do it which seems to happen randomly even while online,

  • Where I have the problem is simply getting the game to recognize that a room is a room after a server reset. That is the super buggy aspect, and I think it is a larger issue than just housing (which I think is by itself working just fine). I've had similar issues with the carpeter's table where the sawmill doesn't get recognized until after I take it out with a hammer and put it back down.

    Similarly a room under my house made of bricks holding my blast furnace kept bugging out where again after a server reset I would need to take a brick out and put it back simply to get a batch of steel to continue getting processed.

    Also, if you have a tree growing through a wall, it can do some screwy things with what might be a room or not. That may have even been the source of many of your "super buggy" problems too.

    I'll admit it is a complicated programming challenge to recognize that a room is in fact a room in a 3D space in real time. I'm impressed that the devs got it there, but one thing I really don't think they've screwed up at all is the housing point system itself as long as a room is recognized as a room. Since you do need so many different rooms and random stuff (of all types, not just housing furniture) bugs out from time to time, it can impact the house value.

    Oh.... one more thing I forgot to address: Every "room" needs to be on property you've claimed with claim flags under your name. Sharing a house with another player means they (or whoever has the room) gets the housing points and not you. You can have separate "wings" of a "base" where you have common equipment shared like a workbench, blast furnace, etc. , but the housing stuff must be on claimed property that you personally own. Plan accordingly.

  • Also there is plenty of things to do in the early game... Mine ores, gather resources. You can spend hours doing that. While your points gain up

  • I.e. if you are going into mining and stuff. Either start now storing ores or looking for the ore blocks in the world. Perhaps start builsing a workshop, work on your house and start pre storing resources. There have been many time where chopping down trees for wood has eventually come in handy. Clear cut an area whilebyou wait for points and then when you get those points go off and get what else you need done while the forest regrows

  • Chaorfighter I think you missed my point. The issue I was pointing out was that this is the only game that makes you choose whether you want to gain skill points or go do all that mining and wood chopping you mentioned. If people are low on quality food (like when farms aren't ready to harvest yet) they just log out or afk to conserve calories because everybody will prioritise long term skill point gains over gathering.

    The fact that eating lower calorie foods also penalises you with a lower skill gain rate means most people just wait until they have access to the better quality food again before they use any calories on labour.

  • @Newton last server i was on i was able to have 35 skill points a day just off of basic foods and campfire recipes. I was able to mine and cut constantly just by picking wild foods. I had a 5x5 of corn, wheat, beats, beans and blueberries. Everything else i scavenged from the wild. You just have to find a good balance and rush to try and get your campfire soup amd stew i think it is. Then you are good tongo. I was at 35 a day on day 2 with no housing bonus

  • @chaorfighter i was burning almost 60000 calories a day playing and still managed. Its 100% doable. I wouldnt say long term it ia but for the first week of play yes it is

  • All of this just became irrelevant with 6.4 because skills are a garbage fire now and I'm not playing anymore.

  • @Newton Skills have become a bit of a nightmare I agree. A good old fashioned tech tree with specializations would have been preferable to what we have now. In terms of UI at least. Because this is basically how it works already.

    As for the exponential skill increase, it needs to be way lower. It should scale with the rate of gaining more skills due to nutrition and housing (with furniture).

  • @chaorfighter Agreed.. this was a terrible choice.. I think its great to have specializations but at least give us all the tools to start with.. if I were playing solo (hell I'm having trouble in multiplayer) it would be impossible to fix weapons if you cannot get stone and logs. And forget about getting at least a decent amount of skill points/day without good food (meaning you need a bow, too!). The basic necessities should be given to us from the start (of course by using our skill points)... I currently have the hammer and ax.. I'm going to need 38 skill points to get a shovel, bow or pickaxe.. I'm only earning 22.2/day! That will literally take almost 48 real life hours to earn.. No one wants to grind that much just to have a little fun in this game!

  • Is it the same as 6.3 in terms of server control? As whoever makes the server can control the rate skill costs increase at

  • But yes i agree the normal settings for it are too low. Same idea with clearing wood pulp up. It shouldnt take more calories to clean up some debris than it does to cut the actual tree.... Personally i think that the debris should be cleanable by hand and almost 0 calorie cost. Or atleast half that as cutting a log

  • Yes. You can change several settings in the server for skill rate cost including reducing or even eliminating the penalty for switching to a new tier of skills. Call it a mod perhaps, but the changes are minor and don't need programming... just changing the configuration files with a minor tweak.

  • Could you possibly go into more detail on a 50 point house layout, in the age of specialisations I can't afford to experiment with furniture and higher tier materials.

  • You can experiment with chairs, tables, and shelves. Those are all rather inexpensive and can add up where you can even use multiple items to boost up the room points.

    The 1st piece of furniture counts at full value (usually just a single point... but not always). The 2nd piece of the same exact kind is 75% of the value and it drops from there. That is why you should use different kinds of furniture if possible.

    Also, other than some higher end kitchen items which might need tier 2 or tier 3 materials, I don't know of any piece of household furniture which needs any more than tier 1 materials. That may have changed in 6.4, but I can't play that version right now because my computer won't run it (I've already submitted a bug report with details). I doubt it has changed though from 6.3 to 6.4 other than the difficulty of putting skill points into various professions.

    You can also have more than one room of the same type, again where the 2nd room has 75% of the value of the 1st room. Keep the room points for this 2nd group of rooms similarly balanced (aka the same point value as the 1st group of each room type).

    It will show up precisely how many points are allocated for each room and how much each piece of furniture is contributing right on your nutrition bar.... where hour house points also show up. Put your mouse over the house point value for a detailed list of points you are getting.

    There might be other rooms than those I listed above, but I haven't seen them made from any experiments by other players. 50+ points is really not all that hard to get though.

  • i dont even see shelves anymore on new update :/

  • @King-Korihor Yes absolultely!!! Very detailed is exactly what i was looking for. I would like some more info on specifications for Latrine or have they changed it. I have in a very small room just with that in there and even closed if off, which should have made or classified that as a Latrine - however i did not. And also, what are some good suggestions for items to go in general room? Any help would be appreciated.

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