lack of response on forums

  • I see that there are posts that have been up for 15 days that no one have responded to. I'm just wondering why no one have answered these peoples questions. Id appreciate a faster response time because I'm not paying money for a game that can't answer the questions that i need answered. THE DEVS NEED TO PAY MORE ATTENTION TO THE FORUMS!!!!!!!

  • You ask for responsiveness, however, do you note that many of the posts do not require anyone to reply to?

    For example, Ghost rat has been posting a bunch of posts lately, yes, I'm giving actual example here, the devs clearly stated numerous times, that bugs and suggestions should be opened on their github.

    Do not expect them to answer a bug in forums. However, feel free to forward any bugs from the forums to the dev's github.

    If you want faster response, you should get yourself part of the ECO discord community where the response there is minutes, and at worst a couple of hours.

  • Okay, thank you

  • I'm here! And yeah theres always Discord.

  • The devs are all fixing bugs and finishing up features for the Steam launch atm, so forums get a little neglected. Community support is super important to us. We're hiring a community manager.

  • thank you!!! I really appreciate how much effort you guys are putting into this game!

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