Window Rotate Bug

  • Why i cant rotate windows as i will ?


  • It is a new feature, give it some time.

  • I dont need a feature, i will rotate the window as i will !!!

  • Ghost Rat, I don't think you understand. Changing windows from a separate item that could be placed to be using the hammer to "create" a window spontaneously is something which was just introduced in the last update.

    IMHO it was a really bad idea and incredibly confusing from a user interface perspective. I could offer criticisms of the system so far as it is far from intuitive and adding complexity where it isn't needed. It doesn't help the core game.... at.... all. It may help so far as making it easier and cheaper for non-carpenters to be able to add windows earlier to their houses, but again... what does that solve? Making carpenters more useless and removing specialization doesn't seem to help either from what appears to be a goal of encouraging more specialization of players on a server.

    All this said, it is a "new feature" that was introduced in the last update. That is why you are being asked to have some patience on the part of the devs and understand that because it is something new to the game it isn't going to be necessarily working very well.

  • Ok, again.

    I will rotate all items as i will, not more.
    So it is much to do, before go beta

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