Question on planting

  • Do trees, berries, wheat and things of that nature grow back automatically? Say a player removes them from the world are they gone forever and it is there a way to replant ?And if so do I need the farmer skill to replant? For example I pick some wheat in a wild and I don’t want it to run out for all the players so is there way for me to plant the seeds where I pick them?

  • While I've seen some plants grow back naturally (aka they appeared after I harvested them), I really don't have a solid answer for you to respond in terms of how quickly they recover or how the recovery happens. If somebody more familiar with the game could explain the regrowth mechanic, I'd love to hear from them too.

    The only thing the agriculture skill seems to do is increase seed yields and unlocks the ability to create fertilizer. For most plants, if you want to increase the yield (aka the number you acquire from harvesting each plant), you need to increase the gathering skill instead.

    It does seem to be possible though to over harvest plants in the wild and cause a plant to be gone forever... potentially eliminated from the world entirely and destroyed in such a manner that some skills are completely unobtainable and that the world is dead to players.

    I've had an earlier rant about the agriculture skill on another thread and frankly it is very murky how it works. Most players treat farming like they were using Minecraft where they randomly create farm plots irrespective of the local environment and plant whatever they think they need in whatever quantity they want. I know that doesn't work either.

    Regardless, a good guide to farming is most definitely in order and documentation is non-existent regarding the incredibly complex interaction that takes place to really master the skill and understand the mechanics in this game.

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