Question on Wheat and in game currency?

  • What is in game currency? I cant find any wheat at all on the server Im playing on. I am trying to research agriculture skill. But cant do that without wheat. Then i go to buy wheat from a players store but I dont have their currency. Where and how do i get that?

  • Once a player has created a currency in a Mint, you will either have to make it(with gold ingots, on their Mint) or sell them goods. Try to find players who are buying easy stuff like logs, wood pulp, etc

  • The problem with coins is that other players need to accept them in their stores. IMHO it is a good move on the whole, but it does have some issues. If you mint coins but nobody takes them, it still does you no good. If you can get a large group of players on a server to accept coins, you are in really good shape though.

    People properly running stores will be both buying and selling products. For instance, I have a carpentry shop that makes furniture and lumber but buys logs. If you are willing to put in some effort harvesting trees and bring logs to the store, you will get the in-game currency to buy the other stuff at my shop. That is the kind of thing most people should be doing... and make it pretty reasonable. I have high efficiency in carpentry, so new players to a server would be better off selling logs to me and getting the stuff rather than training carpentry and instead concentrate on something else.

    As for wheat, it seems like heavy harvesting of wheat removes it from the wild. The server I'm using most of the time now has a "community wheat farm" to help out with this sort of situation along with a chest of wheat seeds that is open. Still, if it wasn't for that farm, most new players would be out of luck trying to get the agriculture skill book. It makes cooperation so much more important on a server which has been running for more than a couple weeks.

    If people on the server you are using are hoarding something like wheat and not letting you at least get a few wheat seeds to sow on a plot of your own, it is time to move on to another server.

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