Alpha Access and Upgrading

  • I tried backing this game when it was on kickstarter, but kickstarter just didn't like my credit card, so I was never able to, but it looked interesting so I've been following via this site. Now that there is an alpha access option I was thinking of opting in. I was thinking of just going with a single copy of the game to begin with, but if I enjoy it getting the four pack to split with friends. I saw somewhere that buying the four pack doesn't add four copies to your account, that four is just the total number of copies the account will have. My question is, does anyone know if I start with the single copy, and decide to go with the four pack later, is there an option to upgrade for the difference, or will I end up paying the full price for both the single copy and four pack, and only end up with four copies?

  • normally you can upgrade and then can , you get then game invites for the extra copy's

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