Bug AirPollution when make dirtworking

  • Why we have AirPollution and GroundPollution when we make Terraforming?

    Bug_ECO_airpolloution_01 (Small).png

  • Your picture says it all. You are using an excavator. Those things put out A LOT of CO2! (I hear less so for bio, but have not tested this out, so just a rumor) You can see how much you are killing your world by click on the status tab. Also, if you didn't know, Power carts pollute too.

  • Ok, than the game is to heavy. Only 10 min. work and many ground infected.
    The game make to much pollution. Not real

  • What really kills this, is that your world is small. Even if you did make a 4X world, it is still small compared to this planet. Small increases of CO2 on a small planet will make big changes in not only the ozone but life itself. Thankfully there is nothing to worry about in Stable, as CO2 has been turned off since 5.6.

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