stop vehicle wandering

  • Often vehicles bug to a other place without any driver. They leave the park position.

    For example i park my poewred cart on the ground. i go to make other things.
    5 min later i must seek it and found it in my mine.

    Or i park the Excavator by the street and 4 hour later it park in the wood

  • i decided to place my deeds in my carts so my friends could use them, one of my powered carts vanished, deed inside i put a bounty out for it's capture, friend gets on "i dont have permissions for this powered cart" wait what? but the deed says you do (that's when i realize) dam i just got lucky put the wrong deeds in the wrong carts, click the locator and the power carts in the middle of the ocean at the deepest depth on the other side of the world just about, so yes i agree please fix this issue, also probably related to rocks and debris scattering around the world to if not picked up after mining right away

  • @TimmayTim

    Your problem have nothing to do with mine.
    My problem is vehicles change places allone

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  • deeds in my carts so my friends

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