How delete a players cart as Admin

  • I am Owner and Admin on my own Server.

    A player dont come online for a long time and i delete all Claims and building objects but
    how i can delete the player cart as Admin, i have not the Deed, because the player have it in inventory?

    What can i do now?

  • As of 6.3.1, nothing. You could try to move it to the ocean by dropping dirt, but that is it.

  • Type /give DevTool

    The Dev Tool destroys anything you use it on.

    Then delete the Dev Tool by clearing your inventory and using /dump

    This is what I did to delete an old Quarry that was bugged.

    DISCLAIMER: Use the Dev Tool at your own risk. It will destroy things. Permanently. Its use can potentially cause server problems. I haven't seen it myself but using a tool like that it is certainly possible.

  • Devtool will not delete another player's cart.

  • I stand corrected.

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