Driver Crash when launching Eco: Survival

  • Hello, I recently started playing Eco: Survival, now all of a sudden the game crashes, then I get a messages saying my display driver has stopped responding :( I have Emailed Eco Support, and they are not sure at all. I have also sent a message to AMD, and they have no fix either... I was just wondering, as a last ditched hope, Has anybody within the Eco: Survival, community experienced something like this before, and have a successful fix for it?

    Thank you!


  • I am so sorry that you are having this type of issue, unfortunately from previous experience, I used to play a game called rimworld and started having this issue, at first I tried to update drivers etc.

    To make a very long story short, turned out to be my cpu failing,

    You should get it to a shop to have it checked.

  • Yes, seems odd though how all my other games functions, but not this one :(

  • The game did function properly, not long ago though...

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