Player data

  • Using the law and government system you should be able to use custom variables on players (numbers mainly, maybe strings also).
    More specifically these actions should be possible:

    • Player variable set

    • Player variable get (for comparisons)

    • Player variable add number / remove number / add 1 / remove 1

    This allows for sharing data between laws and government systems

    One big application I could see for this is that you could create user groups / permission systems. For example you can use the system to make someone a part of the government (police for example), giving them access to certain laws (numeric comparison)

    Here is a concrete example on how I would use this proposed system (plus enact-able laws):
    An enact-able law is setup that only the mayor / president can use. This law is used to promote another player to police officer by setting a police officer variable to "1" or boolean true
    Then a law that checks if youre allowed to build or destroy blocks checks if the player is on own property or if the player is a police officer.

    The same could be done for many systems.

  • Marjie just added an action database that does something like that, lets you get really detailed queries about actions. Thinking we can expose some of those queries into laws.

  • Bit late, but could you explain / show how this system works / would work?

  • We have some folks currently updating the Laws section on the Wiki. I'd check that out first.

    If you need further examples, you can always ask in our Official Discord as there are plenty of folks happy to help.

    ~ Shay

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