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  • Oh perfect, this helped me tremendously!

    One issue however. Pump Jack among other pollution creating sources like the Oil Facility to make gasoline seem to decrease home bonus HUGE amounts even when plotted in a claimed area using a different deed or on another continent! I'm at a loss on this one.

  • If the crafting table is label 'Industry' then it will make the room 0, no matter what you add to it. It is best to make them into their own room with nothing connected to it.

  • Don't forget the Kitchen. It counts as a part of your "Home" in addition to Living Room, Bathroom, Bedroom, and General Room. You also need to "balance" each room, including second rooms (if applicable) so you have one of each and that the point values are the same for each room. The second tier rooms need to be equal to each other.

    The Kitchen is problematic so far as if you upgrade your kitchen with new stuff like a mill, stove, etc. it can add points to that room and make you unbalanced with the rest of the house. Either add furnishings to the other top tier rooms or take out furnishings like tables & chairs in your kitchen (likely a bit of both in practice). The Butcher Table is excellent to start a kitchen as a new player, especially if you can get the butcher table from another player or at least the Butchery skill scroll... although even that isn't too hard to get.

    I was able to get to 50 skill points for my house in less than two days of being new on a server and starting from scratch. A whole lot of work goes into that though, but obviously the skill points are worth it. It can give you a much better boost to your skill points per day than almost any activity in the game right now, even though nutrition in the long run does do better.

  • Home skilling is total Buggy and we become no Information which inventory in which room.
    Players fill rooms full with any inventory to get HomeSkill points. Is that the idea of the game?


  • I've seen how a "room" is calculated to be incredibly buggy, but the one thing I haven't seen is how home skills itself is buggy. It is a complex mechanic where it doesn't 100% make obvious sense where adding furniture to a room might even make the points per day go down (because it is an unbalanced house).

    Think of it like the nutrition, but applied to the various rooms of your house. If you eat something, even with a lot of points, a whole lot with high carbs.... your skill points go down eating just that. The same thing applies if you build just bathrooms or bedrooms. You need to have a balanced house.

    You can also arrange your rooms in a tasteful manner, but stacking furniture works too if you just don't care. Aesthetics are your responsibility, not the game's.

  • Hiho, a question for the Home-Bonus. I am playing with a friend, so we share everything ingame, is there the possibility that he recieves the bonus aswell? I authorized him in my deed, but unfortunately he don't have a bonus.


    OK, only the deed-owner gets the bonus.

  • It is also important to note that the home bonus applies only on land that you have claimed. If a portion of your "house" exists on unclaimed land (very easy to do), you still get the "room" attribute (it should show up on your screen showing room volume and material types) but placing furniture on unclaimed parcels won't count either.

    It may be as simple as moving a chair or table to the other side of the room to get the bonus. If you have some extra claim stakes, smashing that claim stake into the room also can get you the bonus as it gets calculated immediately.

  • best bet make a seperate house just for bonus, you'll still need to go break some stuff and replace it every once in a while but its best option imo, getting 118sp a day now xD housing bonus is a life(reallifetime) saver

  • @TimmayTim
    No, you don't need to build a separate house, but you do need to build separate rooms.

    It is the kitchen bonus that I've seen smack people the worst though, because they will often put kitchen elements (bakery oven, mill, butcher table) in the same room as other workshop tables like a carpenter's table and sawmill. That causes the kitchen to be created but zeros out the value of the kitchen.

    If you want to put the other rooms in another building, go ahead. For myself, I like to put them "upstairs", which I suppose is the same thing. You need a whole lot of floor space anyway, and going up is the better way IMHO to get all of the rooms needed to get the full 50 point per day bonus.

    Watch that kitchen bonus in particular if you go for advanced cooking skills.

    I'll agree it is nice to get 100+ skill points per day, as that goes a very long way to go through the tech tree.

  • most my base is underground so yeah i needed to build a seperate house above ground so i wouldn't be destroying rooms, but also housing bonus is broken everytime server restarts it's back to 0 or just moves around randomly, and i have to go to each room and pick up 1 item lol xD alphas

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