Tooltip is always in the way

  • Increase the timer on the tooltip that pops up when you hover over something, it is always in the way. it should take at least 3 seconds maybe 4. Its extremely irritating. Also wondering why stacksize for wood and other things is 5 in a stockpile, 10 in a cart and 20 in my hands.

  • same here

  • I think the stacksize in a stockpile is 5 because one full field in the overview means one full line with that. That means also that 5 full fields with 5 of that means one full layer of that material. it´s not really necessary to limitate it to that but i think it´s because it´s easier than to manage it if you directly see how many full lines with that you have. or at least something like that.

  • The stockpile is a 5x5x5 area, the devs wanted to limit the stockpile size to this number, so having 25 slots of 5 of whatever material is the ideal way, as in for rublle, this will stack to 20 in stockpile because, 4 rubble makes up 1 block.

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