Suggestions for automation and server message

  • Hi, so first and simple suggestion would be to add a server wide message that could be shown on login - for example Here's some server rules, or find us around here, or sorry about server outage etc.

    The main thing i want to suggest though would be adding some automation, possibly in these forms:

    1. Be able to set what items can and can't be put into certain stockpiles or chests - this way you can ensure that everything gets put in the correct stockpiles for use by something else in the chain
    2. Be able to set global priorities on what gets that one stone from a shared stockpile where 5 workbenches wish to use it
    3. Be able to set 'infinite' as amount of item to be made
    4. Transport belts? (for moving items over distances automatically)
      wishlist gets huge but the first three items are what i'd really like to see though.


  • I sense the Factorio in this one, Obi Wan. =)


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