Slide across the floor

  • Sometimes I slide across the floor.

    Please fix this.

  • Can you provide more details? This seems vague.

  • i gues he mean that sometimes you walk longer than you press the button. Like walking on ice.

  • Odd, I have never encountered that, but I can imagine that being troubling. Has any troubleshooting been done to identify if this is an issue with the application, or with something else? Some possible things I can think of to check for:

    • sticky keys - Is the key physically being pressed longer than user is expecting? (Does it have similar behavior in any other applications? Is it only in one direction? I.E. can you re-create this behavior backwards, or side-to-side?)
    • Lag/network issues - Are there any network issues that could be affecting communication between client and server? (Is this happening only on specific servers? Is there any correlation to high latency to those servers where issue occurs?)
    • Local resource issues - Long shot, but is there any chance that local PC issues are somehow causing interruption between client server that could account for this behavior? (CPU or Memory spikes corresponding to when this happens?)

    More information when troubleshooting is always helpful. No one can fix issues that can't be identified or recreated.

  • actually i think it could happen for me because my PC is always somewhere between 90 and 100% used resources for CPU and Memory, that is not stable and the slide doesn't happen always so i guess that could cause it. at least for me with a high chance.

  • My PC is at 37%

    And i slide when i run near a Stock Pile or an other "edge".
    For exmaple: i run to my Stockpile and press E, but i dont stop i slide away aned the StockPile-Menue go closed.

    Often i had this Problem wenn i have only one Block room (left and right is a wall) to run.

  • I notice this problem most often when I am walking alongside a wall. I will continue to slide for a bit as if I am on ice. Sometimes i will also slide up the wall as if I am climbing (I have clambering set to off btw). I think it is dependent upon what direction I am walking in relation to the wall.

  • I noticed this as well, random slides from time to time.

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