Eco: Global Survival Wiki Volunteer Team

  • Looks really interesting :o quite different from the format I've been using thus far. Also, gamepedia loads fine for me :s

  • Great start all, this is really impressive. Awesome work!

  • I just tested, and each page takes 50-60 seconds to load. (For comparison, Wikipedia's Main Page takes about 1 second to load).

    I think it's an issue with loading the Hydra skin, but there are no other skins available.

    Is anyone else having the issue of slow loading of the Wiki?

  • @woodgreener said:

    e else having the issue of slow loading of the Wiki?

    wiki above ? nope .. seems fine here ?

  • It's fine for me as well. Just a second or two a page.

  • Thanks for the feedback! I think it's a router/ISP issue for me, as every gamepedia page takes 50+ seconds to load on any device/browser through my wifi. Using mobile internet, I connect straight away.
    I don't have admin access to the router, so I shall do my best to contribute despite this!

  • Does this game need internet? Also if i buy the $40 version, can i use the single digital game to play on multiple computers?

  • 1.Depending on what you mean .. you can buy the game and play it alone on with the server hosted on your computer (*for now only on windows computers) you can have the game on as many computers you want but ! each person needs to have there own unique account with the game in it (its like minecraft ... you cant share accounts and so on )

  • I stumbled across this old thread and it inspired us to start a Trello for the new generation of wiki editors. See what we are working on here:

    We've already done a great deal of work on templates and wiki content in anticipation of Beta. In no small part thanks to @Pradoxzon , we have a template that, when given a single item name parameter, will output a table of all recipes used to make that item and used by that item. We plan to extend the template automation system to the new infoboxes as well before beta.

    Come talk to us in the Eco Discord Wiki Editors channel. We are in need of team members who are interested in helping more in-depth with aspects of the wiki such as art, CSS, writing, patrolling, and more. Come join us in Discord and see what you can do!

  • I am an expert on all thing, Object, World Object, Tech, and Items. If you need me to get you any info/Pictures, feel free to DM me on Discord!

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