Please STOP the Vehicle fly, it is terrible to play so

  • We build streets and flying vehicles landing there, but nobody can clean the street, because the vehicle is from a player there are not online :(

  • Maybe dev should add where if a cart lands on an owner's property, then allows the owner to give the warning ticket on the cart to informs the owner of the cart it needs to be off the property for 24 hours. If failed to do so, allows an owner of a property to impound the cart until a cart owner pays the fee. Pretty much reality that way

  • That depends on if the player logs in within 24 hours or ever comes back and it still doesn't solve the problem without needing the cart owner to resolve it.

    A better solution would be the cart parking suggestion where players can lock thier carts into place to prevent them from flying off all over the place. Of course the ultimate solution is to fix carts so they don't sink into the ground and subsequently fly off in the first place.

  • The only way to solve the problem ist STOP vehicle fly. that is the problem and not what can i do with wrong landing vehicles.

  • Yeah I know the struggle, right?
    Asking owners to move their carts out of the street, but there are ways to deal with this problem.

    There is a way to move unwanted vehicle but it takes at least 10 minutes

    1. bury it xD

    or more peaceful way
    2) Try to drop the dirt onto it and it will move, it's slow, its methodical but it works
    (build wall 1x height around, and drop dirt from 3 height ground)

  • Also when i have no permissions on the street because it is claimed, because it go through a players plot ????

    And please i need no ideas how i can fix the vehilcles, i need a solve from ECO for flying vehicles.

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