New items - Need help

  • I am going to create an alternate of a concrete for to mixes with tailings, so to make a recycling for the tailings. However, I cannot find anywhere inside modkit from a unity to copy a concrete? I have already made a side-server code but I need a copy of concrete on another side to make it work for the new item. Right now it's just blank color with white. I just want an alternate concrete that works and looks the same way concrete does, but a different way to make. So do anyone knows where the concrete block? Do I need dev-tier for this?

  • If you're going to attempt this, please know you're the first one.

    Also note, that blocks have many different visuals, for example,

    Dirt slopped to North
    Dirt slopped to South
    Dirt slopped to West
    Dirt slopped to East
    Dirt slopped to North-West
    Dirt slopped to North-East
    Dirt slopped to South-West
    Dirt slopped to South-East
    Dirt touching from all sides
    Dirt that has another block ontop of it
    Dirt that has nothing below it.

    I think this covers all variations.

    As for what to do, to make them, you're kind of the first to make it so, be prepared to put in alot of time to experiment.

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