MW's Mods For Version 6.3.1

  • Greetings one and all!

    This Mod has:

    Allow Players to carry items 20 at a time!

    Fixed Weight of Carried Dirt, Ore, and Sand!

    Allow Players to stack items up to 20, instead of 10, in a cart type vehicle.

    Fish Tacos are BACK! (still working on a nice balance for my old foods!)

    Tailings can be burned in a blaster, with Rank 5 of Alloy Smelting!

    Recycling Efficiency and speed added to help burn more and faster!

    Fix world Items from clashing with other world items for hurting your skill points!(Old way: Add a bed (1 point) and a small rug(.75 points thanks to bed) in one room. The new way: You get one point for each now, and get hit with .75 if you add either another bed or small rug)

    Tool Upgrade! You can now upgrade old tools to newer better one! Stone/Wood to Iron, Iron to Steel, Steel to Modern!

    Bigger Storage chest! Needs Lumber and Iron ingots!

    Shovels now can pick up 20 at a time from carts/Stockpiles!

    The stove is NOW made on an Anvil!

    Fixed: Coal is now as light as the ores, dirt, etc!

    Changed: Stove NOW need Steel to be made(Really? Logs still??? :P)

    Added: Solar Panels. Use the POWER OF THE SUN to power your Grid. Beware! This will cause Increased CO2 to be made, and only gives a small amount of power(100) You will need to build a Solar Farm if you want to turn your house/city Green!!!

    Solar Panels takes 20 Steel, 10 Fiberglass, 5 Circuity. Made at the Factory, and you will need Rank 4 of Industry!

    Any feedback is welcome!

  • @Master-Who said:

    Tailings can be burned in a blaster, with Rank 5 of Alloy Smelting!

    I just cannot imagine an inflammable substance to be burned as fuel, also if this was in anyway shape or forum, flammable, this will be so toxic, that causes beings around to suffer severe consequences, if it's fumes are in hailed.

  • Tailings are not used as fuel, and you can not destroy them, instead, just reducing them. And yes, Burning them causes MAJOR CO2 just to get rid of them.

    To this day, there are some companies who reduce Tailings by multiple ways from heating it with other types of Tailings to fuse them, or even using them to build roads! They are even mixing dirt and other stuff to create a re-vegetation technique! There are many companies to this day that uses a coking-style way of dealing with tailing. They 'cook' it up with X items(depends on which types of Tailings, as each type of mineable item creates its own version of tailings. This is one of many approaches being pursued to reduce the volume of mature fine tailings.

    MY way, however, will cause 3 hours of non-stop CO2 pollution, as well as you using up over 40 coal. Once CO2 starts working again players will have to choose do they want to cut down the number of tailings they have and waste a lot of fuel and time on it or keep it status quo.

    Way back in 5.4, I research what I could about this topic to find ways of reducing Tailings. I am sure I could have added Sand and Oil(Petroleum) to the recipe to make it more 'real world', but I felt like I 'punished' the player with the major increase of time needed to reduce tailings.

    If anyone wants to learn more about what humans do with leftover tailings, here is a website of one of the many companies that research, and try to deal with this problem.

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